Thursday, August 15, 2013

I want to walk away but I feel stuck

I'm exhausted and I don't wanna chase anyone anymore. Right now. I'm sure I'll feel compelled in the future but right now it's just not reaping the benefits it should. I have a feeling I'm back in a super similar situation to someone else.
A situation I promised myself I wouldn't let happen again. I'm gaining the same feelings of being lead on, insecurity,  frustration, confusion, hopefulness, disappointment, and sadness. And any other shitty feeling you can think of that relates. Except anger, I'm not angery or bitter. This is just life sometimes I get that too, no one promised me anything when I went after this person either. 

Unless things turn around though, I shouldn't even wanna be with anyone who makes me feel any of these things. 

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