Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back in the game.

I normally pretty much only post or write at night because that's just how I operate when it comes to wanting to share anything. But right now its 12:07pm and I can't help it. I just got home from one of the best nights. No I didn't have sex, since that's what most of my friends asked me, and I bet it's what you're thinking. I barely even slept, and I was borderline like internally uncomfortable because I came from spending a night at a friends, then the day in the sun, swimming and next to a bonfire. So let's all stop and realize that I hadn't been able to get home and turn myself into a clean and presentable human being. Unfortunately, but shit happens. It was still awesome none the less.

Hours and hours spent on a couch probably doesn't even sound that appealing at all either but we all know, if it's with the right person it can magically turn into the most fun activity imaginable. So that's what happened, I spent it with literally the only person I wanted to see. After kicking myself for screwing everything up in the span of several text messages, everything is pretty much back to the way it was before I said anything. Which in a way, may not be such a good thing considering I said what I said for a reason. On the bright side though, I did end up getting out everything I had to say so I'm hoping that got the ball rolling in some sort of direction in this person's brain. So we can one day reach the ideal end result.

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