Sunday, July 7, 2013

softy moment.

Lately, I've been so thankful for having such great friends. And the thing is they haven't even done anything that super awesome for me like I don't have any sort of story right now. We have just been having a lot of good times and they are all just amazing people. We are also going to the cottage for four days this week so that's going to be unreal times. I'm just so thankful high school brought us all together, and that we've continued to be as close are we are. I know the chances are high for your friends from high school to become very distant over time but we have probably all just gotten closer.

With these people the jokes never end and I dunno, all I hope for is that one day when I have children they grow up with a group of friends like mine. Its a weird thought but, I always wonder like if parents are ever thankful that their kids have friends, that they got a boyfriend, that they go out and have a social life. I know these aren't the most important things in life, but they are what help someone be a well rounded person and obviously it keeps their kids happy and not miserable. As much as my mom wants to complain that I go out a lot. Which I don't but in her mind I do. I'm thinking you should be happy I'm the social butterfly that I am, and not a loner hermit. Not only that, but I don't think she realizes without my friends I would go completely mad.

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