Friday, July 5, 2013

appreciation post / unavoidable diary entry type part, I'm sorry.

This post is going to cover two totally separate topics.

The first one that is the more important is today, someone told me they enjoyed reading my blogspot. I don't care if it sounds stupid but that actually means so much to me, because I don't necessarily write to put it out there and make sure all my peeps read it. But if people do see it and like it that's so awesome. I want to pursue writing and this blog is just me and my thoughts and a way to practice getting stuff out so it's just like, aw man, thank you girl, your words mean a lot.

Secondly, I was going to be vague and not make it so obvious who I'm talking about it. But I'm going to commit being straight up and honest on my blog.
My ex made me so incredibly mad yesterday. Like if I had the ability to delete myself entirely from all his social networking, and from his phone, I would have undergone that process. That's how I was feeling in the moment at least. This is also one of those cases where its the principle more than anything. I'm done feeling like I'm some sort of burden. If you're not okay with our friendship then that's fine, but I'd rather you tell me that then act so unnecessarily rude, feeling like you can talk to me whichever way you want. That never flew with me before and we all know it's not gonna fly now. If I'm going to be the only mature one, to continue to always act nice and be respectful, then just forget it. Forget the friendship, or having me around. It's not worth it.
Also side note: the fact that you're the one in the wrong, and you still haven't said anything to me. Just continue doing that please, cause now I really don't want to hear from you.

You may read this, you may not. I don't care anymore. My happiness comes first, always.

That last part literally looks exactly like a diary entry, and I'm trying to avoid that and discuss things in a more well rounded way..  but sometimes I cannot help it. I'm sorry.

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