Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My thoughts on a Tuesday night

What do I want? 
There are actually hundreds of thousands physical objects I can list that I want. I'm the queen of wanting things, or as I like to justify it, needing things. But things I want in life that I can't actually grasp with my hands, I have a list of those too. 

I want happiness. Alone, with myself. I want to be entirely fulfilled, and when someone comes along to simply add to it. I want a strong romance when they come, even if it's harder and it hurts more. I want confidence in who I am, and who I'm turning out to be. Physical confidence would be nice too. That actually lasts and doesn't fade from day to day. I want more faith that things are going to be okay. Let's not shoot our minds straight to religious faith, but just something that goes a different direction. That "this too shall pass" cliche that, down the road I'll have survived and done fine. I want excitement. I want adventure. 

I want sleep. Is what I truly want right now. I'm incredibly tired. 

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