Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Job? Yeah, those aren't really my thing.

I got fired today. Well yesterday because it's after midnight right now. Part of me felt a little bit of embarrassment and then part of me felt sadness and then part of me is just exhausted.

Embarrassed because I wasn't good enough, to where they would want me to continue working there. But only a little bit, because I really like who I am, and I tried my best to perform the way they wanted. I really did and if that isn't good enough then that's that. I guess I'm more shy, and timid than I think I am in my head. Or at least compared to the extreme opposite personality that they would have liked.

Sad because I actually loved a lot of the people that I worked with, they were really cool and I didn't get to say bye to most of them. Which sucks, and now I feel hella uncomfortable even going there to eat at all. Cause of the emotion mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Now I have to job hunt again, and stress about paying for school again. Which at this rate, aint happening and I'll probably just go in to crazy stupid debt paying for school at this point. Which makes me want to not even go back, so badly.

I feel like I've tried every job at this point, and now there's no where, where I can fit and actually have a prolonged time of employment. I just want something with hands-on tasks, individual tasks, or something where I have to write and not interact with people. Cause clearly at this point, it's not my forte at all.

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