Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Questions

How do you define truth?
Truth comes from that gut feeling that never goes away

What drains your soul?
People who aren't genuine

What recharges it ?
Solitude, and writing.

What brings you joy?
Freedom, which I don't entirely have yet, but when I do. It will be endless joy.

What is one thing that you know for sure?
That life goes on. Even if things don't go my way as much as I want them to, or I feel like it couldn't get any worse. Life's gonna keep it moving and I pretty much just gotta keep up.

What is your life's big question?
What is happiness? Sometimes I feel like it get's confused for other emotions, that may not entirely be happiness. So where does real happiness come from? I'm sure everyone has their own definition but I want to know how to be entirely happy and not lose it so often.

questions provided by soulpancake

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