Friday, March 22, 2013

so close yet so far

I feel like every year when winter's almost done and I'm all pissed off and miserable and just over it, a huge amount of anticipation and excitement for the summer consumes me. Then summer arrives and it's not always what I thought it would be. Normally at least. I mean it still turns out awesome, but in my mind I create these incredibly high expectations for what is going to happen. As if I'm going to grow a money tree, and become a whole new person with the amount of things I think I'll do, people I'll meet and so on. This time around I'm trying to let go of that anxiousness. I'm just going to be thankful for the coming of great weather, a new tattoo, the beach, seeing the friends and family I love and that's it.

oh and hopefully I'm blessed with a full time job.  

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